Project Overview

The City of Cupertinohas adopted a citywide Parks and Recreation System Master Plan to guide future development, renovation and management of City parks and recreation facilities. Early tasks in four phases provided a foundation for the planning process. This included conducting community outreach and completing a technical analysis of parks, trends and demographics to identify planning directions. Next steps included:

• Community Needs and Opportunities Assessment: A variety of input opportunities helped identify the community’s vision and goals for parks and recreation. This feedback was used to define needs and opportunities for park land, different types of recreation facilities, program and service improvements, as well as natural resource protection.

• Master Plan Goals and Opportunities: Systemwide objectives with associated actions were identified, as well as a range of opportunities to enhance the overall parks and recreation system and individual sites.

• Plan Development and Refinement: Short and longer-term projects and enhancements and a set objectives and action items were summarized in a Draft Plan for review by residents, stakeholders, the Parks & Recreation Commission, other commissions and City Council. The insights of these groups were used to refine the Master Plan.

• Plan Adoption: City Council’s adoption of the Master Plan on February 2018, 2020, launched an exciting new future for Cupertino residents. City staff will begin incorporating Master Plan opportunities into the capital improvement program, annual work plans, and in a Parks and Recreation strategic plan, to deliver high-quality amenities and services.

• What's the Current Status: The final Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on February 18, 2020 together with associated environmental clearance documents.