The Final Parks & Recreation System Master Plan is HERE!

The City of Cupertino has completed the citywide Parks & Recreation System Master Plan.

It was adopted by the City Council on February 18, 2020 together with associated environmental clearance documents. The final Master Plan is available here and its appendices are available .

A big thank you to the many residents, participants, and stakeholders that provided generous input throughout the Master Plan process. You all helped it become a plan which represents the vision and goals of the community.

Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

The Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan includes two formats that outline progress toward the implementation of opportunities identified in the Parks and Recreation System Master Plan. The Strategic Plan identifies operational items, capital improvement projects (CIPs), work plan items, and program undertakings that are intended to meet the goals set forth in the Master Plan.

The first format organizes the information by park site. The second format organizes the information by category of opportunity identified in the Master Plan. Both documents will be updated annually as new projects and programs are implemented.